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Healthy living is a 365 day endeavour.

We’re here to guide you through each one.

At Dahlert, our goal is to equip you with the products you need to care for yourself and your family in a way that brings joy into your everyday life.



New Water Purifier
New Slow Juicer
Air Purifier
Slow Juicer
Designed in Germany
Dahlert exists to support healthier and more enjoyable lifestyles. In pursuit of this mission we have designed a line of products for the whole home, complete with top German quality and performance.
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Our products are made to reduce waste
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Our products enhance your overall quality of life
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Each of our products are designed to be:

Family Friendly

Easy to Use

Built to Last

At Dahlert, we're crafting environments that put health & wellness first
Our products are designed with top German quality and crafted to improve the most important aspects of your daily life.

From the air you breathe

Pollutants and irritants are not restrained to the outdoors. Ensuring the air your family breathes is an important factor in the home. Our air purifier removes dangerous bacteria and particles that threaten the health of your loved ones.

To how you and your family get nutrients you need to stay healthy

Getting your kids- and even yourself – to eat enough fruits and veggies can be a challenge. We partnered with Hurom to produce a slow juicer that empowers you to easily and quietly make delicious juices full of nutrients.

And the water you drink

Staying hydrated is important, equally as important is making sure the water you drink is free from harmful chemicals and bacteria. Our water purifier is the perfect solution for any country.

Dahlert Healthy Homes
Our award winning technology has been purpose built to keep you and your loved ones healthy and happy. But don’t just take our word for it. See what our community says about our products:

"It is such a relief to be able to get fresh tasting water, without having to deal with those big, heavy water bottles!"

Dahlert User, Frankfurt
Verified owner of Dahlert Water Purifier

"Hearing my kids ask for juice (and having them not mean from a box) is music to my ears!! We all love our Dahlert juice!!"

Dahlert User, Munich
Verified owner of Dahlert Slow Juicer

"This air purifier fits perfectly to each season .. working extra hard in the spring when pollen is at its high. Feeling 900% better since we started using it!"

Dahlert User, Hamburg
Verified owner of Dahlert Air Purifier
New Water Purifier
New Slow Juicer
Air Purifier
Slow Juicer

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